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Wedding Planning...So Far, So Good

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Wedding planning so far has been slow but good. I guess things don't really speed up until closer to time. We have gotten some of the big things done which is wonderful! Our photographer is booked and we met with her last week! She seems wonderful and her work is AMAZING! I cannot wait to work with her! Check out Alisa Lynn
I also have my dress!! Well, I won't have it until September but it is ordered!! I love it! Like, it needs to get here now! :) We are also pretty sure that we have a venue but this isn't 100% yet! If it is excited about it! 
I also wanted to share how I asked my girls to be in my wedding since they have all been asked now! Well, my sweet friend Sarah from Kazakhstan hasn't been officially asked...but since she is so far away we had to settle for a facebook invite! I got the idea from Elise Joy. Same basic idea with a few changes. I got these Paper Source envelopes. I thought about getting smaller ones but because I knew I would be able to deliver each one to my girls, I opted for the ones that would hold a regular 8.5x11 sheet of paper. I slipped one envelope into another so that it opened up like this...I used a tape runner to tape down the other flap on the back.
I had five different sheets of paper. One talked about each girl, one was about when and where, one was about the dresses (etc.), and the last one was a letter to the girls. 
I slipped them into the envelopes like this...
This is what was on the front..
 And the back...
Because we are having a fall wedding I decided to tie up the outside with raffia. 
They are maybe not quite as cute as the original idea that I saw but I loved them and was excited to give each girl their invite!! 
So as you can see....a good bit of the "big" decisions have been made which is great!
Only 203 days to go! haha. :)