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Weekends....I Love You!

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This weekend was so great! They always fly by so quickly but this weekend, we soaked up every minute. We rested and relaxed, stayed out late, and spent time with great friends. We actually acted like we were still young and not the old, do homework, lay on the couch and go to bed early folks!
On Friday night Brett had to work but afterwards we went to a late movie. We went to see Soul Surfer. It was so good and I highly recommend it! Saturday, we rested and then had plans to go and have lunch with my dear friend Katherine and her husband Blake. We never get to see them so it was so great to hang out and catch up on life and wedding plans!! After about three hours we headed home! I told you...we had lots of talking to do! :)

Love you sweet friend!
Last night, we went and spent time with some friends who we have just gotten to know this year. Corey and Maggie are new to Mobile since the fall. They invited us over to their beautiful home and cooked us a wonderful dinner! It was such a fun time of fellowship and we cannot wait to do it again! Thanks Corey and Maggie!
As for today, we didn't have church this morning. We are having a church service/picnic tonight at Camp Grace! It has been a relaxing day so far! Brett and I are ready to embrace this work week because as of Friday we begin SPRING BREAK! We cannot wait!! 
Hope you have soaked up your weekend just as we did!