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A Few Favorites this Friday...

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1.) Studying the book of Philippians. It has truly been such a blessing so far. I have been reminded that God refines us in His own timing and that He PROMISES to sanctify us! One other principle from Monday nights lectures was: "Confidence in God's completion of His plan emboldens the believer to serve God joyously regardless of her circumstances." 
2.) Ben Rector. Umm....I think I had heard his name but where have I been? Sorry for my lack of support Ben. But I bought your entire cd on Itunes today.
Here is just a taste of his music:
3.) Having the privilege to go to BSF on Thursday mornings for lectures. The morning class is going through Isaiah and yesterday Pam said something that caused my mom to nudge me as if to say...."Hear that, listen up!" She was talking about comfort and where we go for it. Is the first place you turn your significant other, the Internet, food, family, etc.? At the end of lecture she said, "when things are spinning out of control are you going to be down on yourself or down on your knees?" Needless to say, I tend to get down on myself...........A LOT. It is a huge struggle. It was so good for me to hear that and I hope that I will remind myself to turn to the Lord and not to other things for comfort FIRST. 
4.) My new TOMS that I got yesterday! 

So comfortable. Love them.
5.) It is a beautiful day and so much warmer! Enjoy it!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!