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Paper Lanterns

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A couple of weeks ago I saw a tutorial for making paper lanterns and thought they were so cute. I started making one and realized I really didn't have any specific reason to make them. After I did one, Amy saw it and thought they were great. She is throwing a "Blue and Pink" party tonight for her brother and sister-in-law. They are all going to find out whether the baby is a boy or a girl tonight. So, I decided to make a few for her party! They are simple, slightly time consuming, but turned out great!

 All you need is the paper that you are going to use, scissors, some tape, a hole puncher, and some string or ribbon. That big thing at the bottom is a paper cutter. You don't need it but it sure did make things easier!

 Start by cutting your strips of paper. They should be the same length and width. I did 16 strips 11"x 1" (it may have been slightly over 1") I did a couple of other smaller ones but I do not remember the measurements! You just have to play around with it.


Next punch a whole in both ends of all of the strips...

 Then...string part of the ribbon in one end and tape it down

 ^Tie a knot at the top and pull it through until it is tight like this ^

 Fan them out like so...and VOILA!


You can do different  sizes and then make them different lengths.

You will also need a pushpin to attach it to your ceiling. I thought they turned out cute and I'm sure they will look great at Amy's party tonight!