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Goodbye 2010....Hello 2011!

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Well, it has come and gone. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was ringing in 2010! I mentioned last year that I really didn't do the "new years resolutions" but that there were things that I saw in 2009 that I wanted to change or new things that I wanted to try during 2010. I have been looking through that list lately. Let's just see how we did with those resolutions:

*I will write letters or an encouraging note to someone once every couple of months....not emails or facebook messages. Snail mail!
(This resolution=FAIL. I mean I won't even try to sugarcoat it. It was just a fail! )

*I want to remember that my role towards Brett is first and most importantly, his sister in Christ.
(I have to say, this is a struggle for me. If you know me, you know I am ready to get married and you know that I struggle with my patience in this area. For the most part, I feel that I was encouraging to Brett but I do have to remind myself that he is never going to satisfy me even when we do get married and that I am his sister in Christ!)

*I want to cook more and learn more about it from the best, mom!
(I think this is one that will be continued in 2011...I call myself a "stay-at-home-daughter right now and I am thinking I will take advantage of this role. However, for 2010, I believe I was somewhat successful, particularly with baking. haha.)

*Save money. Give it to those who are in need.
(This is something I want to continue in 2011 and of course throughout the rest of my life!)

*Blog more consistently...haha. Lets not be too specific. :)
(This was a success! I mean, I am on the blog train and honestly, I should probably get off a little bit. I really do enjoy this blogging business. I love writing on mine and also reading others! I also like to pretend that I have many faithful readers! :) haha)

*Be intentional with all that I do and not waste time.
(This is certainly a day by day thing that honestly cannot truly be measured. I'm sure I had great days and I'm sure there were weeks that I was terrible...)

*I want to be more faithful with my prayer life. I want to be consistent in praying for my family and friends and ask them specific ways that I can pray!
(This actually was better this year! I am so thankful! The Lord truly showed me the power of prayer and I tried to be more faithful in my prayer life.)

*I want to be more consistent with my time in the Word and with memorizing Scripture!
"I have hidden Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against You."-Psalm 119:11
"Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away." -Matthew 24:35
(Again, not so great with this. I think it is because I had no plan to help me with being consistent)

*I want to read one book a month...I saw this on someone else's resolutions and I think that this is such a great idea and although school is overwhelming and crazy...I believe that this is completely reasonable and beneficial.
(I really did okay with this. Towards the end it was a struggle. I think once student teaching started it became more and more difficult to find time to read. I'm like a once I get into's over. But, I want to do this again, because, I definitely read more than I would have and this blog kept me accountable for most of the months.)

*I want to take better care of my body as far as what I put into it with the things that I watch, listen to, read, and eat!
(Umm....I can't really measure this one either. It wasn't perfect but definitely a day by day thing.)

And now...for 2011:

I think I had maybe a few too many things I wanted to work on last year. I am going to try and focus on a few things this time.

1.) Back to memorizing more Scripture...Making a plan that is simple and doable.
2.) Plain and simple: Serving. Serving more and in unique ways.
3.) Being consistent. Being purposeful. (No, I don't know exactly what that will look like but I pray that I will be obedient and truly listen for what the Lord wants me to do.)

Well, that is all for now! There are plenty more things I should work on and hope to work on throughout this next year but for now, this is what I have!

I am CERTAIN that 2011 will be just as great as 2010!

Happy New Year and Come Lord Jesus! :)