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Matt and Ashley (married)

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I met Ashley and Matt about a year before their wedding. I was so excited when they booked me! After hearing about how they met, dated, fell in love, and got engaged, I couldn't wait. By the time they were officially married in May, they had dated over 11 years! I am certain that it must have felt so nice to be able to wake up that morning and think, "Finally! This is it!" Not only was this couple incredibly precious, but the friends and family that stood beside them on this day were pretty great too! This group had SO. MUCH. FUN!!! I have never seen a group so encouraging, fun, and excited for a couple. It was as if this entire wedding party was thinking, "Finally! This is it!" as well. They loved on this couple and made sure that their day was absolutely perfect! Here are a few pictures from their wonderful wedding day! :)

Lots and lots of this all day long! 

I love that after so many years of being together, there was so much emotion on that day! They chose not to see each other, but even holding his hand, Ashley couldn't hold back the tears!

It poured right before and during the ceremony. Right when it is time for outside pictures, we get a beautiful sky!

How fun is Matt's cake? Loved it!

Love a group picture!Congrats Ashley and Matt! Thank you for helping me end May with such a fun wedding!! :)