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What A Day!

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Mmm.....A day off in the middle of the week. Sounds good. Thank you Veteran's Day. I had the best day yesterday. I slept in....and by that I of course mean I slept till 7:30ish. But hey, 7:30 is better than 5! I got up and hung around the house in my PAJAMAS! I got ready and was so blessed to go to BSF yesterday morning. I know I have blogged about BSF before because basically my family is obsessed. haha. BSF is Bible Study Fellowship. It is a wonderful Bible study and you can probably find a class near you. Check out their website for more information. Anyways, I was able to go. I am not involved in a class because I cannot go on Thursday mornings. It is unfortunate but I was thankful for the opportunity this morning. In BSF they are going through the book of Isaiah and let me tell you that hearing a lecture definitely helps Isaiah to come alive and I was able to understand more of what was going on. It was so encouraging.
During the lecture, Pam talked about the Holy Spirit because in this portion of Isaiah that she lectured on, there is a clear picture of the trinity. She reminded us that although we are not able to physically walk with Jesus every single day as the disciples are, we have something much better. We have His Spirit which NEVER leaves us. She explained that we should never be jealous of someone else's relationship with the Lord because, "His faithfulness to others will NEVER interrupt His faithfulness to me." What comforting knowledge. A couple of principles from her lecture and I'll be done....(sorry)
"King Jesus has left believers His Spirit and His Word until He returns in glory!"
"When King Jesus reigns, unity and praise will characterize His people."

Sorry for the preaching....Bottom line: I wish I worked at a school that would let me have Thursday mornings off. :) Thankfully, an evening women's class is coming SOON!!
After BSF I got to meet this boy for lunch and spend some time with him. Breath of fresh air. It is interesting because Pam also talked about anxiety at BSF. While I don't consider myself to be extremely anxious there are times when it just hits me. Well, of course, today it did. I just had a lot on my mind and was basically over-stressing and having a "girl/dramatic" moment. This boy always knows just what to say to calm me down. Bless his patient heart.
We ate, talked, ran some errands, and spent some much needed quality time together. Brett's parents came into town and I went with his family to watch Brett coach the first varsity basketball game of the season. The lost but played hard. It was a tough game. We wrapped up the day with the last South Alabama football season. What what. STILL undefeated ladies and gents. STILL. :) All in all....days off in the middle of the week have my vote. It is early and no I did not type this post....this early in the morning. I had started it yesterday and it got late so I thought I'd finish it. I know you are all dying for my next post. haha. Just kidding. I am off to see my first graders shortly.
Have a happy Friday!!!

"I could never lose You. And this life will pass away,
but You will never change."
-Eternal, Sanctus Real