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Weekend Rambling...

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Saturday night.....done with lesson plans....watching Alabama dominate. It's all good. Weekends are so nice...I mean really they are. This weekend is even better because guess who is here.....
Hello sweet girl! She is cheering on the Tide upstairs in her bed right now! It has been so nice to relax with family this weekend.
A few things I am loving right now......
1.) The weather.. It is so perfect!
2.) This book...I seriously cannot put it down!
It is so encouraging.
3.) All of the many fall decorations in our house. Thanks mom!
Seriously...I can't wait to get married one day and have my own house but my
mom makes our house so nice to come home to!
4.) Running.... Well, this is a love/hate thing but the weather makes it nice!
5.) The fact that it is OCTOBER! Mmm....
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!