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On Friday I turned twenty-six. It just seems old. I know it isn't, but it seems that way. Last year I made a list of twenty-five things that I was thankful for so I thought I would do them same this year (plus one :)  ). I am so grateful for so many things

1. This summer for Brett and I to travel and spend so much time together!

2. Our home and making it our own.

3. The Lord's provision over this last year. Not surprised, but blown away.

4. Laura Kittrell Photography. What a blessing.

5. The privilege of getting to capture three births this year.

6. Getting to work at a school I love.

7. My family. I don't know what I would do without them.

8. God's Word and the truth and encouragement it holds.

9. Fresh flowers

10. My husband who loves me unconditionally and takes such great care of me.

11. My three nieces (plus one more who is almost here) YAY!

12. My precious nephew

13. God's grace....unending, never failing, amazing grace.

14. Diet coke :)

15. The photos and Scripture that cover the walls of our home.

16. A good run

17. Early mornings

18. A husband who plays with my hair every night as I fall asleep

19. The health that God has given me

20. The privilege to pray

21. Candles

22. Having people in our home and getting to serve

23. Sweet friends near and far :)

24. Joy that comes in the morning

25. The Lord's faithfulness and His perfect timing in EVERY situation.

26. Another serve, grow closer, and walk with Him.

May I walk closer with Him this year. May I serve Him in greater ways. May I get out of the way and be used by Him. Thank you Lord for the MANY blessings You have granted!

Thank you for 26 wonderful years! :)