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Bittersweet Day

Life, the two of usLaura KittrellComment
Yesterday was a good day. It was also a sad day. It was my last day at the summer enrichment program that I participated in for the last 5 weeks. Parents came, we had a ceremony/program, and students said their goodbyes. It is amazing how much I fell in love with these kids over the last four weeks. I hated to say goodbye.
Our fourth graders did such a great job with their performance as well. I am unbelievably proud that I got to work with such an amazing program. The experience I received was one like no other. I think I mentioned before that they were giving four scholarships to the girls they selected. I was honored to be one of the recipients. What a blessing and what an honor. I have been so encouraged by all that this program has given me and the support that I received.
After the program was over the staff and I cleaned out our rooms and celebrated at Buffalo Wild Wings. I was so lucky to have such a fabulous group of people to work with. We had so much fun.
After we finished our lunch I headed home and Brett and I went on a swim. I feel like I haven't gotten to really enjoy our pool this summer. The program has been so time consuming but now I can relax for a bit! I am thrilled. Brett and I cooked dinner and enjoyed a movie together. It was a nice night to just chill. Sadly, it was his last night in town but we enjoyed spending time together. little off subject.
A couple of weeks ago I finished my book for June. This book was a reread. I love Francine Rivers. Most girls are obsessed with her book, Redeeming Love, and while I love that one, I have to say that The Atonement Child was better to me. I know, I know. Everyone thinks I am crazy. I think I love this one because it addresses an issue I am passionate about, abortion. It is a story about a girl who is raped and then has a choice to make. There are lots of details that go into it but I won't spoil it for you. Girls, read it!
Well, it was going to be a day in the pool but it is looking like it might just be a rainy day. Either's a good day. I am off to a breakfast date with Brett before he leaves....Have a wonderful Saturday folks.