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Hello all! I has been f.o.r.e.v.e.r. I am sorrrrryyy! The week after spring break kept me real busy but today was beautiful and a great end to a crazy week. For now, I will just update you on my spring break, which went by unbelievably fast by the way.
We started off the week in Panama City. It was fun but so so cold. We actually ended up coming home early from that little trip. Fail. But we still had fun!
The only actual day that I was able to be in the sun was that Friday. Oh well...
That last weekend before school started my dear friend Sarah came to Mobile for a wedding. We had so much fun. Sarah was my roommate for two years and has moved now to do her student teaching. I miss her dearly so I was thrilled! Two other friends came over, Brittany and Julie. You can just look at the next pictures and see that we had....lots of fun! It was so great to be with them.
Sweet Jules
Slumber party and of course...we painted nails.. :)
Love you B-Free!
Work it Sarah
That is a scarf on Julie's head....and it was so cute by the way...
Oh..Hey Sam...thanks for being the photographer on our group shots... :)
Love. Love. Love. You Girls!
So all in all...a good spring break. I also did a little cooking that last weekend. I made baked ziti and a chocolate chip cheesecake. Both were pretty successful and so good. Just let me know if you want the recipes. I had pictures and was going to walk you through it but obviously time has just gotten away from me. So...let me know. I will try not to be such a blogging slacker this week.
Enjoy your weekend friends!