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3,000 Bracelets Campaign

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Happy Hump Day! I know I'm excited. This has been a pretty busy week. I have been with my fourth graders and it has been so wonderful and such great experience. Today I was formally observed and after being more nervous than I should have supervisor gave me great scores and great feedback. I was thrilled!
Tonight I want to tell you about a unique opportunity. After reading so much about Katie and her life in Uganda, I have been fascinated by reading adoption stories. Adoptions bring so much joy to so many. I know that we have dear friends who have adopted. Carter brings so much joy to Chris and Julie and you can read their story and why they decided to adopt here. But...I found this blog about another family and from what I have read I think they have already adopted a child from Russia and one from China. They are in the process of adopting another precious girl from China. Her name is Isabella. You can find the story of their process of adopting here. So...they have begun what they call the "3,000 Bracelets Campaign." You can buy these adorable bracelets and help this family bring their daughter home. After I found it...I showed it to mom....and we went crazy. :) We got several bracelets including a couple of these....
I personally think they are so fun and can't wait till we receive ours!
Click here to order...
Help this family bring Isabella home!
Enjoy the rest of your week!