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Welcome! I am thrilled to show you the new and improved Laura Kittrell Photography! This website has been in need of a new look, and some new creativity. I worked with the oh so precious, Rachel from Oh Simple Joys. She is amazing, and totally made my vision come to life! She was so easy to work with, dealt with all of my crazy questions, and was quick to make any changes that I needed! I will sing her praises!! 

I am so grateful for how this business has grown. I never would have thought that over three years ago it would have become what it is now. With over 20 weddings and hundreds of other shoots, I just can't believe it. As I have started my first "full time" year, I have been so grateful for all of my sweet clients. I am so thankful for those who have allowed me to capture their precious memories over these last three years. Thank you to those of you who have repeatedly returned to me! Thank you to those of you who have been patient as I am learning how to own this business and be a mom! Life surely is different!

This space will continue to be where I can show my most recent work, and also share pieces of my heart in what I am learning, being a wife, and motherhood. God is so good, and has been so sweet to bless me.

Feel free to stay, and take a look around the new site! Also head over to my Facebook page for a fun little session giveaway! :) I am so happy you are here!