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Happy Friday! Yay! Weekends are going to be what I long for this semester..I can already tell. I am having early days every single day except for Friday. This is definitely preparing me for the rest of my life as a teacher :) I was back at my school this week and it was so great to see those smiling fourth graders again. I loved being back. This week was actually really good but definitely was tiring. Only about fourteen more to go. I know that doesn't seem like many but I am sure that this time will drag on....

Can I just say that the weather outside was beautiful today! I went for a run and it was so good to run outside again. The weather made me wish it was summer so badly. I love the cold weather but I definitely am more of a summer girl. I especially love running when it is really hot outside which is crazy I know. Needless to say...hurry up summer! :)
Anyways, so a couple of months ago I came across a blog about a girl who is my age and lives in Uganda. Katie went to Uganda for the first time in 2006 and God put it on her heart to start a child sponsorhip program, matching orphaned children who are unable to afford schooling with sponsors anywhere in the world. Katie began Amazima ministry. I am so encouraged my her and all that she has done. I have been following her blog for only a few weeks but love reading her stories. Pray for her. I am the same age as her and cannot imagine taking on all that she has taken on in the last few years of her life. She has fourteen adorable little girls living with her in Uganda. 21 years old...mother of fourteen plus more on some days. Her servants heart and willing spirit is so encouraging to me. She has inspired me and I would encourage you to pray for her.
Have a great weekend everyone!