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A Football Frenzy

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So...over the break I experienced lots and lots of football and even went to a couple of games. For Christmas I gave Brett tickets to see the Falcons. Let me just say, I have always enjoyed football. I always liked going to high school football games and would watch college football. Professional football was never really something I enjoyed...but have I mentioned that Brett is a P.E. major and wants to coach football one day. Having said this...he pretty much loves it. All of it. Every game. It doesn't matter who is playing. It's football. love has grown. I have learned a lot more about it (rules and such). I have not become the fanatic that Brett is but I know he loves it so I couldn't go wrong getting him football tickets for Christmas. He loves the Falcons so I became a Falcon fan for the day. It was our first professional football game to attend and we had a Falcon victory!
The game was so much fun and entertaining..We also went to the Cheesecake Factory after which was delicious!
The second game we attended was the GMAC Bowl. Basically, it was freezing but Brett and I decided to go support our Troy friends. It was so good to see everyone even though we didn't make it to the end of the game!! :)

Love this girl!
Cherish and LJ

Did I mention my beautiful Brazilian friend was there as well? Love you sweet Gabi!

Last of all, in case any of you did not know...Alabama won the national championship on Thursday night! We were all pretty excited around this house...minus Brett. He is an Auburn fan...what do you expect? We try to overlook that flaw! :)
School starts back tomorrow. I have to say...I am looking forward to it being my last semester of actual classes but not quite ready for the craziness that comes along with it. Until then, I am cuddled up on the couch this Sunday afternoon watching a chick flick. 27 Dresses...I will be singing Benny and the Jets for the remainder of the afternoon.
P.S. We'll see how blogging goes once we start school. :)