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Nate and Anna Claire (married)

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I really can't say enough sweet things about this couple. They have been together for a long time, and this wedding had certainly been a long awaited event! They were both so incredibly genuine, and just so crazy about one another! Their families were so precious and made us feel like we had been friends with them forever! We were certainly treated like guests at their wedding! Anna Claire was the most calm bride. They both just could not wait to officially be husband and wife! We were so thankful we got to be a small part of their special day!

Seriously beautiful bride!!

OH...and their friends....they had a precious group surrounding them that day! This was her friend's reactions when they saw her...LOVE!

Her dad was so fun!!Thank you so much Anna Claire and Nate! We LOVED being there for your day!! I hope these first months of marriage have been the best!