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First Week of School

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On Wednesday I started my first week at my new school. I made a big switch from public to private school and then another big adjustment from the familiar world of first grade to the grown up world of fifth grade! It has been a  big week of firsts! My heart is overflowing with thankfulness for a good first week. The Lord has given me 14 sweet, smart, and active fifth graders who are very independent! I know I will probably have moments of missing tying shoes, buckling belts, and giving directions at a far slower pace. But, overall, I am thankful that these fifth graders can be given a task and do it! It makes for a much less exhausting day! I am thankful for the environment that the Lord has provided for me to work in. He is so good to us.

I see the Lord providing for Brett and I in so many ways. There may be a couple of big changes coming soon but until then, I plan on focusing on teaching and pursuing some new things. I look forward to sharing these changes soon! :)

Happy Sunday! :)