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Oh Happy Day

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It has been a busy few weeks! I am just too thrilled that today was my last day of school for a couple of weeks! I was showered with tons of gifts and my students were too sweet today. Brett and I have been trying to get settled, finish up work, and I have done tons of shoots lately! I am thankful to be done with those for a couple of weeks too but also extremely thankful to have booked 3 weddings for 2013! I am excited to continue this photography business and hopefully see it continue to succeed! :)

We have also been hanging out with this peanut as much as we can! She is changing so much and we pretty much are obsessed with her!

I am most looking forward to getting to be with my entire family on SATURDAY!! These three girls in the same house! :) AHH! This aunt is ecstatic! 

Other plans over the break include lots of resting, Christmas in Phenix City, and a trip to Birmingham for sweet Sarah's wedding! I have to say, I am looking forward to taking pictures over the next couple of weeks of everyday life and not just for a client. I LOVE doing that but I am excited about taking more of our life. I feel like since I have started this business I haven't done as great of a job documenting us and my family!

I hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying time with family during this Christmas season!