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Our Happy Day- The Ceremony

WeddingLaura KittrellComment
I watched from a window as guests poured in. Finally, it was time to begin.....
Grandmothers were seated...
Mothers were seated....
Chris, the best man, and the groom waiting....
My brother, Eric, leading the crowd in the hymn, "In Christ Alone" went our bridal party...
Finally, it was time for my daddy to walk me down the aisle..
Hold it together Laura.....Hold it together!
Well, that just didn't happen. Dad and I were both a mess of tears walking down the aisle!
Brett had specific instructions not to look until I hit the aisle. This is the face I saw when he looked up..
He did better than us...but there were still a few tears!
Brett, Dad, Me, and Mom all crying! I promise I really was excited! :)
Love this picture.
And this one....
Our beautiful setup
Signing our covenant
Praying together
Almost married! 
You may kiss your bride!! :)

Had to throw this last one in! When we got back Linds came up to me crying and so happy! She goes, "I'm sorry! I'm emotional cause I'm pregnant!!" :) haha. One of the sweetest moments! 
The ceremony was both Brett and I's favorite part of the day. I remember the things that were said. I loved our vows and the meaning behind them. Chris did such a great job of making everything personal. 
It was perfect.