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25 years young. I cannot believe I am 25 today. I saw something on a blog the other day about making a list of things you are thankful for on your birthday each year based on how many years you are. no particular order at all....twenty five things I am oh so thankful for...both silly and serious.

1. An amazing school to work at each that encourages me.

2. A family who is so close and loves each other so much.

3. A Savior who loves, provides, and cares so deeply for me.

4. My three precious nieces.

5. A husband who plays with my hair every night as I go to sleep.

6. diet coke

7. Early mornings in God's Word.

8. Natural light

9. My bed

10. Our church family and worshipping with the nations.

11. Candles

12. My camera that has captured so many memories.

13. Marcie :)

14. Mercies that are new each morning

15. A husband who can fix anything

16. A good workout

17. Pool days

18. Grace that has saved me and is continually poured on my life daily

19. Privilege to pray

20. My health

21. Generous and supportive parents and the greatest role models

22. A home that the Lord has blessed us with

23. Great friends

24. My husband. My sweet, hardworking, supportive husband.

25. Another year to serve the Lord and live for Him.

I am so very grateful for another year. I don't deserve all that I am given and all that I have been blessed with. May I know Him better and walk even closer with Him this year! :)