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I get the urge to write in this little space at the most random of times. Sadly, those random times have become few and far between. I hate that. I thought I'd catch up a little bit since I have started school....


wishing for......fall weather. In general, I am a summer girl to the core but, I can't help but wish for some boot and scarf weather! :)

reading.....One Thousand Gifts and it is so so good. It is such a great reminder for me to stop, look around, and be thankful for EVERY little thing. So often I am thankful for the big things but not the little things that might happen each day.

Unknown-1.jpeg know if the new baby Jacobs will be a boy or a girl! :)

wanting....this camera. I have been saving and am almost there...


thanking....the Lord for His faithfulness and continued provision blog about Lucy's first birthday!

IMG_0439.jpg husband and how hard he has been working for us

clinging to....."I am the Lord, I do not change!" -Malachi 3:6

praying...for joy in all circumstances!

thinking....about everything going on these next few weeks and how busy it will be.

feeling....tired and needing to get to bed :)