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A Few Things

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I have been seeing plenty of posts about resolutions. I have made my fair share in the past. Some I have kept and others I have not. I don't have a long list of resolutions and really I am not making any. But, I do have a couple of projects that I certainly would love to keep up with. I really wanted to do project 365 and take a picture a day. I may do this but decided after seeing this post that I would stick to something small first. 
So hopefully, this will be a bit more attainable. I like that there is "an assignment" for each day. It makes it easier! I will hopefully complete project 365 too but for now, I will stick to this! For now, here is Day 1. It is my pitiful excuse for a "self portrait" tonight, wet hair and all! :) This is real life yo!
There are a few other projects as well that I will share in the future! For now, here is a fun sparkler picture from New Years! 
Back to work tomorrow....not terribly excited.. :)
 Thank you Lord for new beginnings!