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Top Eleven of 2011

LBKLaura KittrellComment
This year has been quite the eventful one! It has been full of good times and bad times. It's been one of trials and blessings! So here are my top 11 of 2011.....
11.) Family trip to Disney World and Virginia's first visit!!
10.) Brett's graduation from college in May
9.) Completing my first half marathon in January!
8.) Celebrating two years of life for this sweet girl!
7.) Getting engaged to my best friend in March!
6.) Wedding planning, showers, festivities, and feeling more loved by sweet friends and family!
5.) Finding out that Brett got his first real coaching/teaching job! (Such a blessing)
4.) Finding out that I'm going to be an aunt times two and this one will be a big sister!
3.) Spending a week here with my husband
2.) Marrying the love of my life on a perfect November day!
1.) Seeing the Lord teach me, guide me, stretch me, convict me, love me, and sanctify me daily. 
This has been such an incredible year. I am hoping that this next one will be even greater. I am so blessed to have married a wonderful man this year and we are still getting settled and used to this new stage of life. I pray that as we embrace 2012, we will draw closer to God daily. I have learned so much. I have seen my sin and seen God's grace and blessings. I am thankful for new beginnings. I only long to be closer to the Lord. I pray I serve more, think of myself less, and spend time with Him daily. 
So, goodbye 2011. See ya next year!