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A Few Photography Updates

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It has been so incredibly challenging to find time to update the blog with all of the various shoots I have had lately. Between October, November, and December I had nearly 30 shoots plus a wedding and a birth that I had the privilege to photograph. This time of year is so busy because of Christmas card shoots and I wanted to share at least some of the many shoots I have had these last couple of months. These families are so precious and I feel so honored to capture their special moments!

This is the Brenes family. I have been so fortunate to take pictures of them the last couple of years!


The Reid Family. You may recognize this beautiful family from several shoots including newborn pictures with Miss Sadie back in September!

This is the Dean family. They were a referral but we put it all together that we knew each other! :) It was a cold day but Joshua was as sweet as he could be!

Thank you for braving the cold with me!

Last year I got to take pictures of Bryson for his first birthday and this year we took more of he and his sweet parents who are old friends of mine! These are some of my favorites I have taken!

We rescheduled for various reasons over and over again but were finally able to get some pictures of this sweet family! These children are so precious!! 

I had so many pictures of these girls and their mom and dad that I LOVED! These are the Garrett girls and they were so precious! Nothing says southern girls like white heirloom dresses and bare feet sitting in a rocking chair! :)

I have known this family for such a long time. Jack used to be my youth pastor and pastor and Brandi spent time with me when I was in middle school and was such a role model in my life! Now, they have three BEAUTIFUL children and we had such a fun time in the cotton field!

I have taken pictures for the Busby family on several occasions now and even had the privilege to shoot her first and second birthday parties. This is one from their Christmas card shoot! Those blue eyes kill me!! She is so precious!

I took pictures at sweet Emiliana's first birthday party so I was really excited to take some of the whole family this year! Aren't they a beautiful family?

Natalie and I never really knew each other but we read each others blogs religiously for a long time!! I have watched these little girls grow up via the Internet and taking their pictures was such a dream! :) 

I met up with the Howard family at their house one afternoon! We had so much fun! Those babies are so incredibly cute!

I have taken pictures of Collins and then newborn pictures of Miss Lucy and finally was able to get the whole family in a picture! They are a BEAUTIFUL family that I have known for a long time!

The Manley's request was hay bales and cotton! Well, we waited just a bit too long for cotton fields unfortunately but came upon these hay bales and we were just giddy! They are such a sweet couple and we got some great sunset pictures! 

These girls were so sweet and so well-behaved! I can't even tell you! They loved having their picture made which makes my job really easy! :)


This session had been a long time coming and I had been so excited for it! The Thomas family was so fun! They made me want to have a huge family! :)


These boys....let me tell you. Those older two are GREAT big brothers! Honestly, they were just so sweet and cooperative! I chased the little one around and we got some great pictures!


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for letting me take your pictures! My clients have been so great and I REALLY appreciate you coming back or giving me the opportunity to take your pictures! It is such a privilege and a blessing to be able to do what I love! :)