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John Shepherd (Birth)

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This past November I received one of the greatest gifts. I have gotten to take lots of pictures of some precious friends but this might have taken the cake. My dear friend Annie was having her third baby. She contacted me months before because she had seen the video that I had done for my sister when she had her baby. Annie was planning on a natural delivery for this third baby and also wasn't planning on finding out what she was having. She knew she wanted those moments captured! I was SO EXCITED! I LOVED being there when my sister had Lucy but felt so incredibly honored to be able to be in the room for a friend I have known my whole life. It is such a treasure.

Annie's due date was December the 5th. Because I teach school I wasn't certain if I would be able to be there or not. Well, God had some different plans. Due to some blood pressure issues, on November 13th Annie went to the doctor and they decided they needed to induce her.  Now, I have never had a baby. I saw Amy go through natural labor so I knew a little of what to expect. However, being induced, having your water broken, and all of it happening almost 3 weeks earlier than planned is not an ideal situation for a natural birth. Y'all, Annie was a champ. She did an incredible job!! I am so grateful for the privilege I had to watch as they welcomed little Shepherd into the world. I cried as I watched her deliver this sweet baby boy. Thank you Chops and Annie for letting me be a small part of one of the most intimate moments!!