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Productive Weekend!

LBK, the two of us, WeddingLaura KittrellComment
This weekend was busy and productive. We welcomed October happily! The weather was beautiful and even though we were busy, we got to enjoy the cooler temperatures as well!
On Friday night, Brett and I attended homecoming at UMS. Brett always has to go but I tagged along. The weather was perfect and we really enjoyed spending some much needed time together!
On Saturday, we moved furniture into our future house!! Oh my gracious. It looks wonderful and the furniture made it feel like a home! Thank you to my sweet family who took time to help clean and move things in! We cannot wait to live there together in a little over a month!! :)

On Sunday, the productiveness continued. We stuffed and licked all 366 invitations! We stamped them today and they went in the mail today!! So, you all need to be checking your mail this week!! This was such a huge relief to get these out!
Signed, Sealed, Delivered! :)
Thank you to my sweet mom for helping me lick them on Sunday and thanks Mangs for helping put stamps on them! I am thankful that we are able to get so much done this weekend since it is my last free one until November!! I am excited about a busy October and definitely ready for NOVEMBER! :)
Happy Monday!