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Happy Monday!

LBK, the two of us, WeddingLaura KittrellComment
Hello and happy Monday! I hope this one has treated you well! I just wanted to check in quickly and briefly share a few pictures of a couple of photo projects I have been working on. I planned on creating an album using the pictures that Brett's roommate took of our engagement day and that album is just about complete! Only about 6 months later!! I also decided to create an album of the pictures that Bayleigh took of us! I have printed everything at home and each album is going to be completely different! 
I am loving the way they are turning out and cannot wait to share more as soon as they are completed!! I have a few other posts planned for this week before Thursday because I am heading to New York for the weekend. Gosh, that sounded so ritzy...haha. While I may not be going to the big city.....I'm heading to Buffalo, New York to be apart of a wedding of two very special and dear friends and I cannot wait!! Again, I will share more on that later as well!
Hope your Monday was great!