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Our Happy Day--The Reception

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This is the last and final wedding post....I think. haha. I have to say, the ceremony was my favorite part of the day but the reception was still so fun! Here are some final photos! If this has been totally boring then sorry. I never upload pictures to Facebook so this is the best way for me to document!
First dance with Brett was "Love Never Fails" by Brandon Heath and with my dad it was, "Always Be Your Baby" by Natalie Grant. I laughed and was giddy through my dance with Brett and cried through my dance with my dad! :) Sweet memories
Brett and his sweet mom
Cutting our beautiful and delicious cake
Best punch ever... :) 
Sweet friends
Lots of dancing....
Palmer had to do a little fishing.... :)
LOVE these women!!
Tossing the bouquet....
SWEET Jules caught it! Love that pic of you and Sarah!
garter toss...
Cute face B-Rett!
Chris and Carter and my sweet V!
I LOVE all of you!!
Love Birds....
Isn't this an amazing picture?!?
And we are off....... :) haha!