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Engagement Pictures

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At the end of May, Brett and I had our engagement pictures done. I knew when I got engaged that I definitely wanted Bayleigh to do my pictures! I met Bayleigh through Katherine and have obsessed over her pictures for a long time. I had a lot of ideas about what I wanted for engagement pictures and she did such an amazing job! It was hard to choose what to share so there are a lot of pictures but I don't ever upload anything to facebook anymore so I figured this is how I would share! 

Outfit change! :)
Love this shot! 
Brett was such a good sport! I kept telling him thank you during our shoot and he just kept saying..."This is your day!" Thanks sweet boy! So....that is why he got this shot....he wanted one with the no swimming sign..go figure.... :)
Why are you smiling? haha...
Our relationship during football season.... :) haha. jk
"Grow old along with me....the best is yet to be!"
I love you!
All of our photos were taken at the place where we will say, "I do" in just a few short months! We had a beautiful day and that plus the location made for some pretty amazing pictures! Praying for beautiful weather on November 12th too!!
Thank you so much Bayleigh! You did a great job!

Have a great Fourth of July!