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A Selfless Servant

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It's true. He would never admit it but he is exactly that.
Dad, thank you for just being there. Thank you for loving mom so well and providing for us. People say that Brett reminds them of you. Well, I am thankful for that and I know that he has a lot to live up to in the years to come!! 
Thank you for showing me what it means to seek the Lord first in every decision. Thanks for instilling in me the importance of having a relationship with Christ. Thank you for modeling that for me. 
I love that you work from sun up to sun down. I love your love for Alabama football. I love your gap. :) I love that you can fix anything and everything. I love that you serve. I love that you love Christ and love and lead your family so well. 
You are the best. There is so much more I could say....even though you wouldn't want me to! I love you dad and I am so excited for you to walk me down the aisle in a few months!! 
I had this picture from a while back and took a similar one recently of dad and V and thought it was so cute. Look how she has changed and dad has lost some hair! :)

Happy Father's Day Daddy!