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Thoughts on Motherhood (Volume 13)

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Eight weeks of being a mom to two. There has been so much that I have learned. There have been meltdowns. There have been moments of pride...because when you get two kids down for a nap at the same time for multiple days in a row there is bound to be some pride and rejoicing. Haha! :) Then...there have been days where that pride has been shot straight back down with crying and only wanting to be held. Ultimately, the days are getting easier and we are getting into somewhat of a rhythm. No, nothing with my 8 week old is predictable quite yet, but overall we are figuring it out. Somedays we do things really well and mama has a good attitude...somedays I could probably melt down worse than my 2 year old. 

It is interesting doing the whole mama to a newborn thing for a second time. I remember or have recalled a lot...but of course the Lord allows you to forget about some of the hard stuff. Because I have done this before, it is easier for me to remember to let things go. My biggest lesson with Evelyn was that it is all a season. Every sleepless night is a season. Every fussy day where he only wants to be held is a season. Every witching hour is a season. One day he will sleep through the night (although he is a pretty great sleeper so far....knock on wood). One day he will play on the floor longer than 10-15 minutes. One day he won't need to nurse every 2 hours. One day my two year old won't melt for no apparent reason. One day she won't need me to sit with her and make her eat her food or cut up her food (while the baby cries). One day she will learn the meaning of "gentle". Yes, it is hard. The days are truly so long, but these 8 weeks have already passed so quickly. I am tired. But, I have had so many precious women who have modeled and continue to model motherhood for me. (Mom, Linds, Amy, and so many sweet friends)

I have prayed a lot in the last eight weeks. I can't say that my daughter's salvation hasn't been one of the top requests :) Just kidding....kind of. Yes, being a big sister has been so precious to watch. She LOVES her little brother, but she is certainly still navigating the waters of this new role and being 2. Again... a season. She has had some hard days and in turn mama has as well. I have prayed for grace and patience and for the Lord to give me WISDOM. Let's be honest...somedays I just don't know what to do. But, He is good. He is always good. He is always faithful even when I am unfaithful. He always meets me right where I am. When time with Him does not always look "quiet" or how I would prefer it to look, He is good to help me and come alongside me. 

I would say that the word that sums up the last 8 weeks would be challenging. Honestly, this season has been hard, but also one of the sweetest. God, in His GREAT mercy and great faithfulness has given us another little life to care for. I have gotten to see smiles for the first time again. Hear those sweet baby noises again. Nurse this little guy and watch him grow. I have had the privilege of watching him sleep, snuggling him, learning what he likes and dislikes, and just getting to be his mama. I pray that I never take it for granted. I have told my husband so many times that even on the hard days.......I am truly living my dream. I have always wanted to be a mama and stay home with my babies. I wouldn't dream of sugar coating it or making it seem like I have it all together or that it is easy. Come over and you will see. I am learning. I am young. I make and will continue to make plenty of mistakes. But, this is truly a dream come true. 

While challenging would describe the last several weeks......thankful would as well. I am so grateful for my husband who has come alongside this hormonal wife of his and been such a helper to me. I am thankful for sweet family and friends who have prayed for and checked on us. I am thankful for my sweet little Evelyn who challenges and teaches her mama so much each day. I am thankful for the precious heart that she has and how I see tiny little seeds being planted in her. I am thankful for baby boy who has brought so much joy to my heart. I am so grateful that he is sleeping and eating well. (No not through the night....haha). I am thankful for his sweet smiles that he gives. I am grateful to God for giving us these precious blessings. I have been overwhelmed at how good God is to give us two growing, healthy babies. We don't deserve it. 

I know that I will continue to have good and bad days. There will be days of feeling like I can handle this and days where I feel like I have failed. I serve a faithful God who has given me this job. I pray that I do it for His glory and as I serve my family, remember that I am serving Christ. 

Thoughts on Motherhood Volume 12 (Life with Two)

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Whew....almost two weeks into life with two babies and it seems like the quickest and longest two weeks. I haven't done one of these posts in almost a year, but I want to document this time. Life with two the emotions rolled into one. I was always so excited for this long awaited gift of having two babies. I could not wait to watch my sweet little Evelyn become a big sister! I couldn't wait to snuggle a newborn again!

With Evelyn, I felt like I soaked up every second. Every cry, smile, sleepless night, was all soaked up. This precious little boy has come into our family, and already I can feel that mom guilt of it all moving so quickly. I am trying so hard to soak every bit of his newness. I am trying to balance playing with my girl plus all the needs that my Joel has that only I can fulfill. Hard. So so hard. It has come with its challenges. Newborns like to be held a lot.....two year olds like the attention that they had become familiar with before they had a little brother so tantrums happen. Life with two has also been so precious!  Seeing Evelyn love on her "Baby Jo Jo" and watching this little love grow and change so quickly has been a great privilege. 

I have found that God has given so much grace for each moment. I'll be honest, last night Evelyn had a major meltdown. It was my first night to be home by myself to do dinner, bath, etc. But, I found that in the moment God showed me that this was going to be so fleeting. That was my biggest lesson through every stage of watching Evelyn grow. It is all a season. They feel long when you walk through them, but they are mostly incredibly short. God is so faithful. What a gift to be a mama to this little girl and little boy. I cannot wait to watch them grow. I cannot wait to teach them and love on them and prayerfully be a good example for them. 

I'm so grateful for our little family. I'm especially grateful for a helpful and loving husband. He has been so kind, let me cry, given Evelyn attention when she needed it, and let me shower everyday since we have been home! :) God is so good to us, and we have so much to be thankful for! 

**All of these sweet photos from the hospital were taken by a precious friend, Emily Bass** So grateful to have them! :) 

Baby Kittrell #2 Is............

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Well, apparently my patience is not as great this time around! If we would have waited to find out what the gender of this baby was until our anatomy scan, it would have landed at 20 weeks (same as Evelyn).  Tuesday was my birthday, and I told my husband that I would love to find out what we were having! I am 16 weeks and the thought of waiting 4 more weeks didn't sound fun, but I was of course willing to do so. Well, he sweetly set it up for us to go get a little sneak and we were able to find out if Evelyn was getting a brother or a sister! Because we did a little video to announce that Evelyn would be joining our family, we thought we should do the same for this little one! We cannot wait to welcome this sweet baby in January! 

Baby Hattie

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This little girl was such an angel during her session. I have known Jonathan for several years, and it was so good to meet his sweet wife, Kristen, and of course their two precious children. Hattie honestly slept through almost her entire session....not to mention sleeping through daddy and big brother playing and wrestling! :) She was a dream! Also, can we talk about how amazing Kristen looks...and also this was her second natural obviously she is a rockstar! :) Thank you Kristen and Jonathan for letting me capture your sweet family of four!! Your babies are just beautiful!! 

Blackman Family

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A few weeks ago my brother, sister-in-law, and sweet nieces came into town! Lindsey and Eric are expecting their third little girl in just a few weeks and I had the privilege to take some family pictures and a  few maternity ones as well! I LOVE how they turned out! I am so thankful for them and so excited to be welcoming Baby Sadie very soon! :) Here are a few pictures from our shoot....

Love Charlotte's little face! 

Sweet sisters!


They love their daddy!!

He makes them all laugh..... a lot! :)

She is going to be such a wonderful big sister! 

How beautiful does she look? Seriously. So pretty!!

Pretty girls!!

We also took some pictures of the cousins together...

I fun is it going to be watching them all grow up together? 

Sweet Sam joined in the fun!Poor Sammy.....he is a little outnumbered!

I love these babies so much and LOVE being their aunt!!

Fourth of July Weekend

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It has been a while since I have shared anything non-photography related. I hate that because I really enjoy sharing about the things that we do. Brett and I have had such a fun summer and I have been learning so much that I really want to share! Anyways, this past weekend was so incredibly fun! My entire family was together which means kiddos, laughs, LOUD, and so much fun! We had tons of food, lived in the pool, and loved on babies! It was perfect! Here are a few pictures from our weekend!

Uncle Sam always has a patriotic shirt! :)

We also celebrated all of the summer birthdays in the family! Virginia and Amy celebrate in July and Sam, Lucy, and I celebrate in August! We will also have sweet Sadie joining us in August as well! Such a full month!!

So excited to blow those candles out! :)

Oh and plenty of poolside naps! Such a fun and refreshing weekend! I love my family!!

It's Fall!

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Hello! Hello! It has been too usual. We have moved out of September and are halfway through October? What? Life has been so busy. Isn't that what I say every single time? Yes. Between school and photography and life in general I cannot keep up. Sometimes life just needs to be lived and not written about. However, I do enjoy this little space and would like to be a more frequent visitor to my own site! :)

In the last months we have been busy with work, family visits, a little traveling, and much more. I'll hit the high points. One of the most exciting things was at the end of September we found out that the next little Jacobs baby will be a boy! We are so excited that we are getting a baby boy to love on!  Hurry up February!

Brett and I have enjoyed the fall so much. While we know that during the last two football seasons, we were in the center of God's will, it has been so nice having my husband home each afternoon and on Friday nights! What a blessing!


As far as photography, things are so busy. I am very thankful but it certainly is tough to balance it all! I definitely want to share more of my recent shoots! I am so happy that people allow me the privilege to capture their memories and I want to share those in this space soon! I am also the proud owner of a brand new camera! Ah....I did my first shoot with this baby this past weekend and  am looking forward to several more shoots this week! :)

Brett and I also did some location scouting and tested it out to get some shots of me for something I am working on. As you can see I was only slightly awkward being in front of the camera! :)


I love my husband!


I'll leave you with a lovely "fallish" picture of sweet Lucy at the pumpkin patch! Why oh why does it not feel like fall outside? Praying for cooler temperatures to make their way to us soon!!


Happy Monday! Looking forward to a short work week at school! :)

Lucy is 1!

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On August 7th we celebrated a year of having Lucy Myer with us! We actually celebrated a few days before that so this post is long overdue! So here is a picture overload of her day! 


This was actually at her 1 year shoot. Girlfriend LOVED the cake!! :)


Favors for the guests

Some decor.....

We had pictures of her EVERYWHERE!! haha

To hold the pink lemonade of course...

Mommy and Lucy

This little lady was decked for the party as well! :)

Precious right?

Sweet sweet family!! :)

Ok...she loved her cupcake too!! Big girl, we love you so much and are so happy you have been with us a year! :) You bring so much joy to our lives and we love watching you grow! Can't wait to see you become a big sister in February!!

Around Here

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Around here we have been BUSY. Last week my sister-in-law brought my two nieces to town to stay while she and my brother went on a little vacation. So, those babies are here and it has been so busy and so fun! We have done a lot of swimming, some crafts, gone on walks, taken lots of pictures,  and entertained three little ones. P.S. Three babies is exhausting. Just saying. 

Little mermaid! :)

Love these sisters! :)

Jimpa and VirginiaLove this big girl! :)

They will also be here for the weekend to celebrate this baby girl turning 1! Can't believe it has been a year! :)


Other than that, I am trying to sneak out here and there to get ready for a new school year. Is summer really over already? Ahh.... I will also be celebrating my 25th birthday Thursday!! It is going to be a busy few weeks!

I am just so thankful for God's grace! He has been showing me so much and I have learned a lot about prayer and that He hears me. I am in such need of His grace DAILY! What a loving Father we serve.

Virginia Louise turns 4!

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On July 8th we celebrated Virginia turning 4! 4? What? I cannot believe it has been four years since she came into our lives! What a privilege it is to know her! She has the sweetest heart and most precious spirit and we love her so much! For her party she requested an "under the sea mermaid party" so that is what she got! Here are a few pictures from the weekend that we celebrated her!

With her JimPa

The big birthday girl!

Hello sweet Charlotte!


Her daddy prayed for his girl and I had to snap this picture! :)


Virginia's best friend! How cute are they?


We also had some "spa" activities starting with nails! :)

She opened some presents....


Y'all she is going to school this year.....what???


Blowing out the candles! :)

The whole family!

IMG_0040 (1).jpg

Sweet Virginia, we love you so much and are thankful for your first four years! You are such a sweet blessing to our family! :)