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Good Word and Goodbye

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God is teaching me a lot about my faith. That may sound strange.... I guess I should say, God is showing me a lot about my LACK of faith. It is amazing actually. I can feel like the strongest person in the world.  There are times when I know that I know that I know, that God is holding me in the palm of His hands and I trust that He is in control. These are the times when life is seemingly perfect. I have a job, wedding plans are good, there are no arguments with my friends or family. While God asks that I trust Him in those is mainly the times when life seems to be crashing down that He longs for me to trust Him. 
I struggle.
Thankfully, He knows me, forgives me, and I do my best to trust Him the next time. I am thankful that my Lord forgives and loves me no matter what.
This summer I am studying about the life of Daniel. It is a Beth Moore study that I am so enjoying.
I ran across something she said and while it is not at all the focus of my study, it really hit me. She says: 
"Without stealing away time with God, we won't just grow carnal. We'll grow cold and callous. Whether or not you realize it, these frequent times with God become a healing agent against the world's harsh winds and a healthy defense to still allow you to feel."

I do not want to become cold and callous. I need time with Him and on the days when it is a literal battle, that is when I need Him the most. He longs to meet with me and already has my appointment booked. All I have to do is come. I know that my time with Him or at times, my lack of time with Him directly relates to whether or not I choose to trust Him when my world seems to be spinning out of control. 
May I always choose time with Him because He is the best choice!
"Our God will dwell with us until we dwell with Him."
Changing the subject...... I am leaving tomorrow for a two week vacation. I will be in LaGrange visiting Eric, Linds, and V this weekend and then on Wednesday Brett and I are going with his family  to..........
So excited! I am looking forward to hikes, volcanoes, zip lines, animals, fun, waterfalls, and BEAUTIFUL pictures (I hope!) 
Cannot wait to share my trip when I get back!