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Update and Hello!

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I can't believe I haven't posted in a month. Well, that's a lie. I can actually. School ended and it's as if summer started, took off, and hasn't stopped. Life is busy. But, at the same time, I am still able to rest and relax.

Summer has been busy so far. I kicked it off with a vacation to West Palm Beach with my family. It was an amazing week of rest. The weather was so so but that didn't stop us from truly enjoying the rest and relaxation that came with it.

I think being an aunt might just be the best thing ever.

This man....I love him!

Sadly, we were missing Sam on this trip and we HATED that!

We made the 12 hour ride home on Friday and I jumped right back into work with a wedding on Saturday. It was a LONG and hot day and night but so much fun!

Congrats to this happy couple!

So my week has consisted of tons and tons of editing! I have another wedding tomorrow so I am gearing up for that as well. I am thankful to be busy and I really am having to practice balancing my time! Thankfully, I am off for the summer from school so that definitely helps.

In other news around the Kittrell house, we have been doing a couple of updates. I need to do a house tour soon! :) The other big news is that Brett is in the process of changing jobs. It has been a whirlwind of decisions and lots of prayer that has been leading up to this and we are really excited! I will share more at another time but we are still praying for direction and we are very thankful for how God has been leading us so far!

I need to get back to editing but I am so hoping I can pop in more frequently around here. I miss it! Plus, there is so much happening this summer! More weddings/shoots, a special niece's 4th birthday and a 1st birthday,  (however, I need to blog about Charlotte's first as's coming Linds!), changes around the house, a trip to Tennessee, etc. So much stuff to pack into two months off of school! :)

Sights of Puerto Rico

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We recently got back from a week long trip to Puerto Rico with Brett's family. It was a beautiful week full of sun rises, sunsets, waterfalls, beaches, hikes and family. 
 The water was oh so cold but oh so fun! :)
Beautiful right? Raise your hand if sometimes you need a vacation after the vacation? :) 
Happy 4th Tomorrow! 

Currently Beachin' It....

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Right after Mangs shower on Saturday, we cleaned up real fast, packed the cars and the whole Blackman/Jacobs/Kittrell clans headed to the beach. When we got well as Sunday, there was nothing but rain. The past couple of days have been so fun and we have been enjoying our time! Here are a few photos from our first few days. Yes, they are mostly of Virginia. It's tough being the cutest subject to photograph over 7 weeks old. Of course we have Charlotte but she doesn't cheese it quite like her sister just yet! :) 
A little on the cloudy side but a break in the rain on Sunday..
Oh hey husband.....
Love these pictures
Grown girl...
 This beach bum slept the whole time we were there... you can see our days have been full of sunshine, bathing suits, babies, lots of rest, and even more fun! It has been nice to be down here with our whole family! I'm off to enjoy a few more days of fun! 

Weekend in ATL

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This past weekend Brett and I went to Atlanta to shop, relax, and take in a Braves game. It was so nice to get away and a perfect way to kick off spring break! I did a little video editing from the game.......Again, I'm not the best at it but I'm learning.

Sights and Sounds From Turner Field from Laura Kittrell on Vimeo.

In other news...I will be heading to Lagrange tomorrow to meet my new niece and I could not be more excited! Pray for a safe delivery on Friday!! 

My First Week as Mrs. Kittrell

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I couldn't have asked for a better first week as a Mrs. We spent the week in beautiful St. Thomas! 
During our week.......
We were giddy with excitement.....
We stayed in a BEAUTIFUL place
We hung out with these guys...
We saw some pretty sunsets!
We dressed up!

We took the infamous ring picture! :)
We saw some of the bluest water!
We spent some time on the beach...
We ate some fabulous food!
We went on a Catamaran dinner cruise!
We talked about our wedding and dreamed about our future!
We were our goofy selfs!
We got to see this most days...
We dug our toes in the sand....
We got a little sunburned!
We saw birds dive bomb.... :) lol
We got to know each other better
We got a little artsy!
We had some fabulous milkshakes at.....
We spent our first week as Mr. and Mrs. Kittrell and loved every second of being together!
It was such an amazing week and we were so thankful to be there! Now, we are back and settling into our home together! It has been a busy couple of weeks but we are most definitely enjoying married life so far!

hello september!

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hello september!

I am so excited to see you! Just popping in to say hello and goodbye! I'm headed to New York today to see these two get hitched!
Ah..precious! I could not be more excited for these two to become one! It seems like we have waited forever but they are awesome and have been so patient! Cannot wait to see what the Lord has planned for your life!
 Love you Richard and Brynn!
Have a restful weekend!!

A Vacation With the Kittrell's

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Wow. It has been a busy few weeks. I got back home last weekend but didn't stop because we brought sweet V home with us for the week. But, more on that later. The two weeks before I was with my future in-laws. No, we didn't get to go to Costa Rica but we still made the most of our time together. 
We headed to the mountains of north Georgia for a few days and also made a quick stop in Chattanooga and went to the aquarium and walked around. I really loved downtown Chattanooga. It was so pretty and seemed like there was so much to do!
Brett took on the challenge of finding us a cabin in Georgia so that we could get away for a few days. He definitely delivered. It was BEAUTIFUL!! (I didn't take any pictures of it nice.)
While we were there we were able to do a lot. We went on a hike and had a picnic at a beautiful waterfall....I loved it because I got to take pictures which I like to do...just a bit. :) We also stayed in some, grilled out, fished, and went tubing down the river! 
May not be a hiker but I look the part....right?? :)

Drew is pumped.... haha
Around our cabin there were deer EVERYWHERE!! I mean..usually 5 to 10 in our yard. It was crazy. On the last day we were there Brett got a biscuit and the deer came really close. It doesn't take much to excite me so I thought this was great!
The few days to get away were great! It was fun to spend time with family and rest after a stressful couple of days with Brett's grandfather in the hospital!
I will be back soon with more updates! Sorry for the being a blogging slacker! The weeks are flying by and are so busy it seems!

Good Word and Goodbye

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God is teaching me a lot about my faith. That may sound strange.... I guess I should say, God is showing me a lot about my LACK of faith. It is amazing actually. I can feel like the strongest person in the world.  There are times when I know that I know that I know, that God is holding me in the palm of His hands and I trust that He is in control. These are the times when life is seemingly perfect. I have a job, wedding plans are good, there are no arguments with my friends or family. While God asks that I trust Him in those is mainly the times when life seems to be crashing down that He longs for me to trust Him. 
I struggle.
Thankfully, He knows me, forgives me, and I do my best to trust Him the next time. I am thankful that my Lord forgives and loves me no matter what.
This summer I am studying about the life of Daniel. It is a Beth Moore study that I am so enjoying.
I ran across something she said and while it is not at all the focus of my study, it really hit me. She says: 
"Without stealing away time with God, we won't just grow carnal. We'll grow cold and callous. Whether or not you realize it, these frequent times with God become a healing agent against the world's harsh winds and a healthy defense to still allow you to feel."

I do not want to become cold and callous. I need time with Him and on the days when it is a literal battle, that is when I need Him the most. He longs to meet with me and already has my appointment booked. All I have to do is come. I know that my time with Him or at times, my lack of time with Him directly relates to whether or not I choose to trust Him when my world seems to be spinning out of control. 
May I always choose time with Him because He is the best choice!
"Our God will dwell with us until we dwell with Him."
Changing the subject...... I am leaving tomorrow for a two week vacation. I will be in LaGrange visiting Eric, Linds, and V this weekend and then on Wednesday Brett and I are going with his family  to..........
So excited! I am looking forward to hikes, volcanoes, zip lines, animals, fun, waterfalls, and BEAUTIFUL pictures (I hope!) 
Cannot wait to share my trip when I get back! 

Final Disney Days

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I'm sorry. I promise after this to stop putting up pictures of my sweet niece for a while. Wait...she is coming to town next weekend...Umm..We shall see. She is just adorable though. 
The last two days at Disney were a little more low key. We did some shopping and then took Virginia to the playground at the hotel, where I snapped a million pictures. Our last day we went to the Magic Kingdom again. Here are a few of the last batch of pictures from the week....

 Aunt Amy was blowing bubbles for her!

 So beautiful... Florida. The weather was perfect!
Try and tell me she isn't the most adorable little girl!

A little blurry but she was playing football with daddy.... :)

This trip was so much fun! This little girl is an absolute joy with the BEST personality! She is so happy all the time! It was such a great week with my family and nice to get away! Alrighty....I am done. Thank you for sticking around as I showed a whole lot of blog love to this sweet girl on our family vacation!
Hope your weekend has been restful and fun!