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Her Children Arise and Call Her Blessed!

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 Dear Mom, 
I could never tell you how truly blessed I am to have you. Not a day goes by that I am not thanking the Lord for you and appreciate you, even though I may not show it to you.
You are the most remarkable woman I know. I think back to my childhood and am so grateful for the millions of lunches you packed, being our taxi service, doing our laundry (oh still do mine!), and getting us an afternoon snack on the way home from school. You loved each of us so well and always made sure that we each felt special.
As I grew up you were constantly there to encourage me and feed me with truth from God's Word. You were never too busy to listen to me. You always had something to say that made me feel better. You were there to call me out when necessary and remind me of God's grace. 
Now I am much older and still constantly turn to you for advice and Godly counsel. You are full of wisdom. I am encouraged by your walk with the Lord and that you are encouraging me in mine. Thank you for instilling in me good morals and  Biblical principles.

Now, I am preparing and planning to walk down the aisle. I am not quite sure how I will leave you....that will be a big change. Thank you for being excited for me and helping me plan! Thank you for your constant prayers over Brett and I's relationship and future marriage. I hope that for Brett and our future family's sake that I am half the wife and mother that you are! I am so thankful for you!