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Happy Valentine's Day Bloggers!!
This weekend we celebrated a couple of things. On Friday, Brett and I went out to celebrate his birthday. We had dinner and went to see the movie, Just Go With It. It was pretty cute and very funny!
Mom wanted a picture too... :)
We came home and Brett opened his gifts. I tell you, sometimes it is a struggle to buy gifts for that boy! I ended up doing, "Something You Want", "Something You Need", "Something to Eat", and "Something to Read." He really liked all that he got even though I stressed about his presents for days. It's just funny...I used to be the best gift giver. Seriously...I love to give gifts to people. Not just any gift, but the thoughtful ones, but with him, I struggle. He always knows what to get me and I always love it.

 Even though today is Valentine's day, Brett and I had to celebrate early and won't even see each other today. We celebrated on Saturday night. I cooked for him.....and his roommates! :) Grilled chicken (Brett grilled), garlic and parmesan potatoes (thanks for the recipe Kara!), and green beans....mmm... 
For dessert....cupcakes. They were decorated with these candy cane hearts. I have been wanting to do these since last year when I saw them here. They were easy and so cute!

My Valentine....
Brett is a GREAT gift giver. No, it's not always the norm...but it is always something practical and useful! I had been wanting the Pioneer Woman Biography...which I got, BUT, I also got her cookbook and I can't wait to use it! Then, he got me another Max Lucado book that I cannot wait to start reading! I have started the PIoneer Woman's biography/love story. good. I should finish soon...and it's 319 pages.'s a good love story.
 You have my heart sweet boy. 
For my gift to Brett I had to be slightly more creative because I had just dropped some money on him for his birthday. I ended up making him a slideshow of a bunch of pictures of us with a poem I wrote for him in the middle of it. (I'll pause for a moment and wait for the comments from the peanut gallery aka my family) Yeah, sappy and silly...but free. Best part....he loved it. "Best gift ever" Although, he might have been lying when he said that. I tried to upload it but......something won't work. So I gave up.
Brett, I am so happy to call you my valentine for the third year in a row. There is so much to love about you! Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for being so considerate. Thank you for loving me....even when I do not deserve it! You are a blessing!