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I am almost certain that I forgot to mention that I was going to Disney World with my family! I cannot believe I failed to mention this detail. On Thursday we left and went about halfway. This is Virginia's first trip to Disney World! Because I enjoy taking pictures of her and I want her mom and dad to be able to enjoy every minute of her, I have taken it upon myself (along with Amy) to document her vacation and her first experience in the most magical place on earth! Over the next few days I'll be sharing mostly pictures and a few words about what we are doing. This is easier than trying to update when I get home! 
So here is what we have been up to the last couple of days...
 So sweet...with JimPa and LiLi
Ready to swing!

Pretty girl

So grainy....but she is presh

Sliding with Aunt Lou

And daddy...

Downtown Disney for dancing....


Day 1: Hollywood Studios

Meeting Minnie!

So sweet!!! She LOVED her!!

Breakfast with Manny and Oso! Mickey waffle!!

Handy Manny and Mangs....haha

Oh hey mom!! (She was more excited than V!)

BEST parents EVER!!

Kiddos! When did we all grow up? Gracious!

Sliding with mom!

Lovin from Sammy!!

What a fun first couple of  days! She loved it and had so much fun! 
Hope your Saturday was just as wonderful!