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13.1 and DONE!

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It has come and gone. The weeks of training built up to this one day. In all honesty, there is not much to say. It went really well! I am so thankful that I did it and I am thankful that it is over. :) They say you catch this running bug while you do races like this....They say that it makes you want to do more after you do one. I can honestly say that during the race, I did not catch the bug. I was thinking...."Okay, way to go Laura! You completed your first and only half marathon." Now that it is over, I'll be surprised if I don't do another one! It feels so good to finish and I really would love to do it again........not tomorrow of course! :) 
Here are some pictures from the day....
 Sam....obviously pumped!
 Mangs and Pudge
 Downs and I

 And....we're off!
 Our cheering squad waited about halfway for all of us to pass.....Pudge in the lead!
 Here comes Sammy!
 The two beasts...
 Mangs and I....this is when I commented that this would be my last race. haha. I actually felt good at this point...
 Trained with him....but he is a stud.
 This boy literally didn't train. He ran our 10 mile run with us then a few days later went to back on Friday and decided to run the half. Seriously? I obviously didn't get the running gene. haha.

 Colleen and LaJuan all done!!
 Coll and Jason
 Our turn to finish!! Feeling great right now! I have to give a HUGE thanks to my sister and best friend!!  Amy has been running for a while. This was her second race. She so didn't have to stay with me but she did the whole time. She has been such an encouragement through all the training and everything! So thankful for you Mangs!!
 All the runners and our cheering section!
Sammy and I after we finished. 
 So happy to be done!!
Oh, and I didn't get a picture with Brett cause he was taking all the pictures but he was a major encouragement through all of this too! 
Overall, this was such a fun experience. I kept thinking towards the end when I felt like I couldn't finish that I was so grateful that God has given me the ability to run because so many can't! He is so good! It was freezing and long and tiring and I am sore right now but I cannot wait to do another one.....eventually! :) 
"......and let us run with perseverance, the race marked out for us!" -Hebrews 12:1