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Cupcakes, Cookies, and Canadians

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Yesterday, my Canadian sister came over and we spent the day in the kitchen. We talked and laughed and really only made two things! Whoops! 
I found the recipe for Hot Chocolate cupcakes here and had been wanting to make them. 

One not put too much batter in the cupcake liners. One pan was fine for me and the other, I put a little much and when I took them back out to put the marshmallows on them, they sunk in the middle just a bit. Oh well, live and learn. :)

Bring them out and sprinkle some marshmallows on top....

Put them back in for about 5-7 minutes or until they are slightly brown on the top!
This is what they should look like....if you want cuter pictures, go to the link that I had at the top for where I found the cupcakes. I have this issue where I cook/bake things that taste great but the presentation is not so fab. Again, live and learn. :)
Colleen had her own recipe for gingerbread cookies so that is what she made!

 I helped with this part! :) 
It was so much fun and we made a huge mess. I can get the gingerbread recipe too if anyone wants it! It was a process but they were wonderful! 
That's all I got tonight....P.S. I tried to post this once and ended up deleting the majority of the post....therefore, it is much shorter than it was. I'm tired and had no patience for rewriting the entire blog post. :) Sorry folks!