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Because...I love her!

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After spending those few days in Phenix City with Brett's family, we headed to LaGrange to spend some time with Virginia! Eric and Linds had gone off for a short weekend trip to celebrate 5 years of marriage so LiLi, JimPa, Sam, Brett, and I got to hang with Miss Priss. I know, I blog about this child as if she is mine. I'm just trying to help her momma out by capturing every second of her life that I am with her. Enjoy the pictures of this beautiful, brilliant child. Seriously, she can spell her name, count, say her colors, and is basically a parrot and says anything we say! Yes, I might be slightly partial...
We really liked Santa from a distance....a little more nervous the closer we got...

 She loves to beat on her "pups" as she calls them!
 Pretty girl...

Lookin' at her LiLi

Don't worry Linds! I'll get these pictures to you soon!! I promise to document all of your children just like I document this one! :)
I will be back later with a recipe and early Christmas presents! :)