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Weekend Ramblings

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Hello Folks! I only have time for a quick post but can I just say I certainly was happy to see this weekend come! I cannot believe that next week I will complete my final week of student teaching. It has seriously flown by and it is bittersweet to see it go. Yesterday we went on a field trip and my students saw the tall buildings in downtown Mobile and said, "Ms. Blackman! Look! It's New York City!" Bless their hearts. I am going to miss those first graders!
Anyways, I feel like I haven't mentioned this yet but I am training to run a half-marathon in January. Don't worry...I didn't just start. haha. I think I haven't mentioned it because I felt like I would change my mind, chicken out! :) But, I have not brought it out into the blog world so there is no turning back! I don't really have a set goal in mind for a finishing time...I just want to finish and I plan on doing just that. I am training alone for the most part but doing long runs with Jeff and Amy. Seven miles on Pray for me! haha.
Today has been so relaxing and just what I needed. I woke up early and went to spend some much needed time with Jules. Love, love, love spending time with her! We walked and talked and walked and talked and then did it again. After that we baked these. Mmm... Julie and I love to bake. Mostly, we love sweets and we always get a recipe and then change it when we bake together. haha. Either way...they were delicious!! If you want the recipe just ask. 
Now, I am sitting here with my confused boyfriend and we are watching the SEC championship. All I can say is, Go South Carolina, MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN. Just kidding....I really don't care who wins. I am content to sit here and not worry about school! What a great feeling. :)
Happy Weekend All!