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Thanksgiving Break In Pictures...Maybe a few words!

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First of all, I am thankful for breaks. Yes, most of these pictures will be of the cutest little girl you've ever seen....but my break was spent playing with her and I loved every second of it.
Every morning after breakfast we were sure to hear...."Ahh...WEEE!!!!" This let us know that she was ready to go out and swing! She could stay out here all day long!

Hey Uncle Brett!

Beautiful little girl
Look at that face... :)

She loved stacking these up and knocking them down...

Hey sweet girl!
We also had a little visit from Addison Tew..
Addison is Makenzi's little girl and getting a picture of them together was about impossible! They played sweet together and Virginia loved meeting her new friend!
LiLi feeding V her breakfast....
I mean....she is constantly in a good mood! :)

Silly Uncle Sam......
Loves her Aunt AAAAMMMYYY!!
Oh Mommy! You are so funny!
Behold our turkey carver....
Beautiful table...
So much food....
My contribution....haha....isn't it a cute little turkey?
Hey Ms. V!!
Just my brother in-law....
Lovin' her LiLi!
Trying to get a decent Christmas card picture.....what a precious family!
So, in all reality my break was great. We had a fabulous thanksgiving and I am so grateful for each face that you saw in these pictures. I have the most precious family in the world. We love each other and have the best time when we are together. Mostly, I am thankful for the fact that the Lord chose to save me and call me His own. I am thankful for the love and blessings that He pours all over my life each day. I am so undeserving. Hope your week was as good as mine!