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July 8, 2009

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This was a very special date for our family. It was the day a precious girl entered the world. The first great granddaughter, the first granddaughter, and the first niece. She was bound to be a spoiled little girl. On Thursday she celebrated her 1st birthday and this weekend we traveled to LaGrange to celebrate with her at a special party just for her!
Virginia Louise, you have no idea what an incredible blessing you are to our family! You have brought so much joy to all of our lives and we are so thankful that the Lord blessed us with such a perfect, happy, healthy baby girl! I remember the day you were born. Unfortunately, I was on a different continent. You were supposed to hang on just a couple more days for me to get back! But, the Lord obviously had other plans. I hated not being there more than I can tell you! I remember hearing that your mommy had gone into labor. I remember getting several texts throughout the day updating me on your progress. And...I also remember talking to your daddy that night you were born. I remember him telling me how great your mom did and how perfect you were! He was so proud and I could not wait to meet you!
We had such a unique meeting. Being miles and miles away we had to get creative. We had a special skype date when you got home and you were just as perfect as could be. Finally, on July 16th I got to officially meet you! Your parents surprised me and I was so excited to finally hold you! Since then, you have been bringing me as well as the rest of our family so much joy!
Here are some photos from her special weekend. Unfortunately, this sweet girl got sick for the first time all year on her birthday. Smiles were few and far between cause we had a fever but she was still as precious as ever.
Sweet girl
Oh her many faces!
Precious little baby...
Daddy and V playing..
Mommy and Daddy gave her a wagon...
No detail was overlooked....
Yeah....Not sure what her wedding cake will look like? :)
She's 1!!
Yeah....we were party animals
Aunt Amy gave her some colorful ping pong balls!
I just don't know??
Sweet family
LiLi and JimPa gave Virginia that beautiful chair she is sitting sweet!
Brett and Mom
Mangs and Pudge!
We didn't get to dive into the cake like we wanted to...she was just not feeling too good..
My boy even came to see me!! Oh but check it out...story of my life....he is checking out the tv....sports fanatic!
But....I still love him!!
She just loved her wagon!!

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love you!