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Where Has June Gone?

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WARNING: This post might be long :)
I know it is not over yet but I feel like June has come and is going so quickly. The past two weeks have kept me so so busy! You just have no idea. I am learning that once I become a "real" teacher I will have zero time for blogging. This makes me sad but I tell you has worn me out. I know people may think that teaching is the easiest job or that it is just babysitting but honestly, I feel like since I started teaching this summer and actually having a classroom that is my own, I have not stopped thinking about it. There is constantly lesson plans, activities, ideas, and students who are on my mind. With all that said......I HAVE LOVED IT!!! I cannot imagine going into student teaching in the fall without having had this experience. Seriously. I know that not everyone is passionate about teaching but those of you who are understand. (Lindsey :) haha)
So what have I learned? Teaching is a full time job. I am going to have to really force myself to keep my work life and home life separate because I can tell this will be a challenge for me. I have learned a lot about management in the classroom. I have gotten some great lesson ideas for when I actually start teaching and I really do feel like I have been able to make everything that I have done fun for the kids.
P.S. I have the greatest kids. Seriously...there are about 60 of them and they are great. If I could post pictures I would but.....ya know. Can't do it.
Oh, I also now know why teachers have a love/hate relationship with field trips. Can anyone say exhausting? Yeah. They wipe me out. Needless to say.....these last couple of weeks have been so much draining...and so worthwhile. This week and next week are all I have left. I am trying to soak it all up and make the most out of it!
Another new thing that has happened is I have been participating in a Bible study with about 10 other women. We are going through the study, Lies Women Believe. We have only met twice but already it has been so refreshing for me personally to be around these ladies. I am learning a lot and truly enjoying the fellowship. I honestly think it is because I am with 9 and 10 year olds all day long and it is just a breath of fresh air to talk about what we are learning and hear how the Lord is working in their hearts.
It is hard not blogging for so long cause I forget what has happened. Brett and I have gotten to spend a lot of time with friends. We went to a shower for two of my friends one weekend and then got to hang out with a few of our closest friends who we had not seen in a while... Not even sure if that makes sense. I guess if we were close we would have seen them has been hectic for us all. We also got to "chaperone" the AJM prom. I wasn't a very good chaperone since I danced half the night....whoops. What can I say? I love to dance.
Oh....and we also celebrated a very special man yesterday. I hate that I didn't get to blog about this yesterday but......time just got away from me. Happy Father's Day to the most amazing father in the world. I know everyone says that but seriously....he wins.
I thought this was a sweet picture of dad holding Virginia. Anyways....he is seriously the most humble, caring, hardworking, forgiving, loving father. He works so hard to take care of our family. He gives FAR MORE than he takes. I have learned so much from him. He is an incredible encourager and is really one of the smartest people I know. I do not know what I would do without him. So...thank you dad for all that you are and all that you mean to our family! I love you!
Anyways....I am so looking forward to this weekend. I am FINALLY getting to see this adorable little girl... (and her parents!!) I cannot wait to squeeze her! Plus, it has been a while since her Aunt Amy and I have gotten to do a weekend photo shoot so I am pumped!
Crazy girl!
You will probably be hearing a lot about this precious thing over the next couple of weeks. Of course with this weekend and then someone also has a first birthday coming up that I am certain will be documented minute by minute!
Have a great week everyone!