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It's Not My Fault

Life, the two of usLaura KittrellComment lack of posting as of late is not because of me. Seriously....I mean, I have been busy and been working on a million projects but I have had time to blog and wanted to blog. Here is the problem....Okay, about four years ago I received the best graduation present, my mac. I L-O-V-E it! However, this mac is four years old and is running on fumes. After four years of college it is full of pictures, music, and about a million documents, powerpoints, etc. Bless its heart. I'm sure it is thinking...."I am done." Or maybe that is just what I am thinking...Because seriously...I am done. It has been good to me but it is time for an upgrade. This will have to wait until sometime this summer and I am going to do my best to be patient. Basically, my computer is struggling to upload pictures and is really just acting old. Oh technology!
Anyways, I could update you on the past 2 weeks but I'll just go with this weekend. It was oozeball weekend. Some of my greatest memories have been made playing oozeball! It is volleyball played in 18 inches (give or take) of mud and it is so much fun! I have played every year except last year (not by choice :) ). Here are some pictures from these three fun years!
Some sweet friends at oozeball 2007!
:) oozeball 2008...back before we were dating but can't you just see
the admiration all over his face? :)
Our team in 2008
The Sticks in the Mud--2009 oozeball team!
Sweet boy..
After our domination. haha. Jk. We lost but had so much fun!
Well...that is all I got for now. Hopefully, we will have more luck with this computer soon! Macs really are amazing.....mine is just a bit ancient. :)
I hope everyone has a great week! I am hoping it goes by quickly because Saturday is a very special day.
I will be celebrating 2 great years with this guy. I am so thankful!
Happy Monday!