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Learning, Falling, Failing, and Being Forgiven

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It's Friday. That statement alone should put you in a good mood. :) This has been a pretty stress free week luckily. My weekend started Wednesday afternoon which has been quite nice. I have been relaxing a good bit and laying by the pool....Have I mentioned I love this weather? Even when it rains I love it because it is warm out. My favorite.
On Wednesday I finished my book of choice for April. Yes, I am sticking to at least one of my new years resolutions! The book for this month was actually my very first Nicholas Sparks book. Brett got it for me as part of my Valentine's gift because I had said that I wanted to read a couple of books during this next year that weren't necessarily "Christian" books. I read
The Choice.
I have to say....I loved The Notebook (the movie...I haven't read the book) and this book was pretty similar in that it was a good love story. I mean...I'll admit it, I am a bit of a hopeless romantic so I am all about a good love song, story, etc. It thrills me to hear engagement stories, go to weddings, and all that jazz. It was the typical love story....girl meets boy....they eventually fall in love....a tragedy occurs....but in the end, a happy ending. Girls swoon over books and stories like these. I won't lie, I liked it. I was able to picture the story and put myself in the girls shoes.
But...As I was reading I kept asking myself, "why are you reading this?" While the overall story line was good I can honestly say it felt pointless to read it. I mean, there were sweet things in the book, things that the guy said to the girl that every girl wants to hear. But, there was also so much of the world in that book. There was cheating and sex before marriage and things that I am trying to keep myself from. By the end of the book I felt like I was fed a worldly love story that made my heart stir. Bottom line...I don't want the world to ever make my heart to stir. I know that it does and it does everyday but I choose what I put into my mind and my heart most of the time.
I am learning a lot about what it means to pursue holiness. I am also seeing how, so many times, I struggle to pursue it. I am grateful for a Savior who, I am confident, has forgiven me of every sin I have ever committed and every sin I ever will commit. That is a tough pill to swallow and one that I struggle to understand. I know all that He has done for me and I know all that He suffered. It is tough to understand how He doesn't look at me and think, " screwed up again? You have done this before and you know it's not fulfilling. What is wrong with you?" But, I know He doesn't. I am thankful. I am happy that He chooses to show His never-ending faithfulness, grace, forgiveness, and love.
What an awesome God we serve!
On that note, I hope your weekend is wonderful! :)