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It Is Well With My Soul

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Well, I have kept one New Year's resolution for one month so far.. :) I finished my book that I was reading as my January book. In case you have forgotten, my resolution was to read a book a month. Brett got me the book, The Jesus You Can't Ignore by John MacArthur.
I really loved this book. It was great because it went along perfectly with what I have been studying in my own personal time with the Lord. I have been going through the book of John and this book basically takes you through the gospels.
The overall theme is that Jesus has two very important sides and we tend to only see one side...or simply ignore the other. The book explains that Jesus was a loving, compassionate, gentle, and caring person. He is the one we see holding children and healing the blind and raising the dead. However, Jesus Christ was a bold man. He declared the truth without hesitation and confronted the religious leaders of his day with no apology. I love knowing that while Jesus walked this earth he was fully God, yet fully man. He experienced every single thing that I have ever experienced or ever will experience and still was without sin. That is amazing to me. Here are some quotes from the book that I loved:
"The effects of the wind may be observed, but its boundaries cannot be discerned by human senses, and the wind itself can neither be harnessed nor directed by human efforts or ingenuity. The Holy Spirit's ministry operates in a similar fashion. He is sovereign and moves where He wishes, not at the whim of any human agenda. his workings are not contained in-or automatically dispensed through-any religious rituals or ceremonial protocols. In fact, the Spirit isn't moved by what we do at all, but by His own sovereign will."

This part of the book was talking about Jesus and his interactions with Nicodemus:
"And Jesus cared more for the truth than He cared about how Nicodemus felt about it. Sometimes the truth isn't 'nice'--but it's always focused and unyielding."

"Obviously, both forgiveness and healing are impossible for any mere man to do. No mere man has the power either to heal at will or to absolve sin at will. Healing is actually a perfect metaphor for forgiveness in that regard. In fact, the two things are inseparable, because sickness is a result of the curse brought on creation by sin. Sickness is merely a symptom; sin is the ultimate cause."

"Jesus, of course, embodied all the attributes of God--kindness, long-suffering, and mercy on the one hand; wrath, righteousness, and judgment on the other. All those qualities are discernible in some measure in the way He dealt with the Pharisees over the course of His ministry. But because the gospel was at stake and His own lordship was constantly under attack from these men who were the most influential spiritual leaders in the nation, His tenderness never overshadowed His severity in any of His dealings with them."

Sorry they are such long quotes...I should've said here are some of my favorite sections from the book..Here is one more quote from the book that Charles Spurgeon said:
"He is a man--a thorough man throughout--a God-like man--gentle as a woman, but yet stern as a warrior in the midst of the day of battle. The character is balanced; as much of one virtue as of another. As in Deity every attribute is full orbed; justice never eclipses mercy, nor mercy justice, nor justice faithfulness; so in the character of Christ you have all the excellent things."

It really was an encouraging book and full of Scripture. Of course do we expect anything less from John MacArthur? Absolutely not. So I am on to the next book for February.. Hopefully I can stick with this resolution!
Now..I have to give a shout out to this special guy in the picture...Not that adorable Brazilian boy on the right...the other guy.
Since the semester started Brett and I have basically been crazy busy. Brett really doesn't get stressed much so I handle that part. It is an overwhelming time for us both. Brett is attempting to balance work, school, observation hours, etc. We pretty much see each other on the weekends because of our crazy schedules. Anyways, today was just one of those days when nothing seemed to go right for him. On the way home from dinner I was listening to the song "It is Well With My Soul." I was so encouraged by these words that I have heard forever...
"When peace like a river attendeth my way. When sorrows like sea billows roll.. Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say, it is well, it is well with my soul. Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come, let this blest assurance control.. That Christ has regarded my helpless estate and hath shed His own blood for my soul. It is well, it is well with my soul."

I am so thankful that He is in control.
On that note..I hope everyone has a great week!