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Family, LBKLaura KittrellComment good it feels to be halfway done with the week. Actually, my weekends start on Thursday afternoons around 3 o'clock which is quite nice. Tomorrow is a big day though. I will be teaching two of my own lessons. I have taught plenty of my teachers lessons but tomorrow I will teach my sweet fourth graders about equivalent fractions and about WWII in Alabama and attempt to make it as fun and interesting as possible. Bless their hearts!
This week has flown by but I have to say, I am ready for the weekend. Why? Well, probably the main reason is because I get to see this sweet angel for the first time in over a month...
I cannot wait to squeeze her! Oh, and the camera is ready to go...I am certain that her Aunt Amy and I will not miss a moment of her visit. :)
I do have a busy weekend ahead of me though. I have to say, my to do list will be full of both fun and not so fun things.
1.) Lesson plans and homework (boo)
2.) Plan for Brett's birthday
3.) Organize this room of mine that has gotten oh so cluttered! (I hate that it is this way
cause I am normally organized but school has taken over!)
4.) Create my list for the dayzeroproject
(This was inspired by Bayleigh and "Inspiring someone to make a list"
was on her list! So go ahead and scratch this one off! Actually you may want to wait till
I actually make the list! Hopefully this weekend!!)
These are just a few of the main things I have planned but I am looking forward to it!