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A Wonderful Life

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Hello all! So..thus far I am up to a second post this month. Yes! :) Anyways, since the last post I have stayed busy. I made a quick trip to Phenix City to spend some time with Brett and his family. It was great and we decided to try one of our favorite things that we had in a Brazil, pizza de chocolate! No, it wasn't exactly the same but I'd say we did a pretty good job! :)

Serious Concentration :)
Turned out pretty good right??
When I got home from Phenix City we had a welcome back banquet for international students! It was such a great night with fun, food, and friends.
So, now school is starting tomorrow! 18 hours and observations in a school. I am so excited! I know it will probably be an overwhelming semester but I cannot wait! During this craziness I have been reminded of God's faithfulness. He is so good and I am thankful for His provision. I am seeing His goodness in my life as well as so many others around me. God is teaching me so much about being patient and content in my circumstances. I have a year and a half left of school and I know that the Lord has planned all of my years according to his perfect will so all I can and want to do is trust Him. He knows me better than anyone and I want to be obedient and content. Thats all for now...