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A Little Baby Update

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Man oh man! Long time no talk! Hoping to get lots of photography posts together for when this baby comes! I have so much I would love to share! It has been challenging trying to finish up school, finish weddings/shoots, edit, and finish preparing for baby girls arrival! Plus, being almost 37 weeks has presented lots of exhaustion! :)


I also want to share about my showers and share pictures of her nursery! It is finished and it probably my favorite room in our house!

A few weeks ago my sweet husband and I went down to the beach and he took some maternity pictures of me. We also used the tripod and got a couple of the two of us. It's tough to be the photographer. I am sure that one day when we have more than one child or even when Evelyn is older, we will have to get someone else to take some for us! :) Although we have mastered the self timer, and Brett has gotten pretty good with the camera! I love how they have turned out! 

At 37 weeks I am feeling a little more uncomfortable than I have been! I am still sleeping well, and am so thankful for that! I feel so blessed that I have had a good pregnancy and really felt so great for the most part! I am still feeling her move all around, but can certainly tell my body is getting ready to have this little girl soon! could still be 3 or 4 weeks away! :)

Her laundry is done...thank you notes are bags are mostly packed....and now we are just waiting!

Mostly, I am just incredibly thankful! I am thankful for sweet family and friends who have showered us with so much love and support! I am thankful for a healthy baby girl who is growing! I am thankful for every kick that I get to feel! I am thankful for a husband who is so supportive and sweet! I am thankful for his excitement! It is precious!


We are so grateful to the Lord for giving us this sweet blessing! We are so undeserving of such a special gift! God is so so good!

Baby girl, we cannot wait to meet you!