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A Shower for Evelyn

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Our little girl has been so incredibly blessed with so many showers over the last couple of months. Sweet parents from my school, the staff at my school, Brett's work, and family have been so kind, and shown us so much love! This particular shower was thrown by my sister and sister-in-law. I am certain my mom helped a good bit as well! There were so many sweet details, so many sweet friends who came, so much good food, and precious gifts!

We like a monogram around here.... :) 

These cakes were so beautiful, and also incredibly delicious! They were from Ellen Jay . many sweet details! There were little birds eggs everywhere that my sister had decorated lots of different ways! 

Sweet prayer cards for my girl

The food was incredible!! Homemade muffins, fruit, a grits bar, and lots more! 

So thankful for all the friends who were able to come!

Love this friend who is due just days before me!! :)

And I had to include a sweet picture of this precious niece!! Love sweet Sadie!


Mangs, Linds, mom, and all who came....thank you so much! THANK YOU for taking the time to come. Thank you for all of the sweet details, and all that y'all did to prepare! Brett and I were so blessed and overwhelmed! We cannot wait for Evelyn to meet everyone!